Abilities are the special powers a human gains either by getting an ability through Gaia or through training.

Ability UserEdit

These are people capable of superhuman feats living within the Abyss that have abilities. There are two types of ability users:

  • Natural Ability Users: Individuals randomly given psychic powers by Gaia such as psychokinesis, teleportation, pyrokinesis and many others. They possess the abilities from the moment they are born but it usually awakens later in life. The ability is usually determined by what is most special to the person. There aren't many Natural Ability users and most of them are strong although they can be differentiated into two types, Strong Starters who start of really powerful and Late Bloomers who can grow without limits. Natural Ability users can also train themselves which gives them Acquired Abilities as well as their original Natural Ability making them generally stronger than Acquired Ability users.
  • Acquired Ability Users: Those who acquired abilities through training. They are ability users in name alone and are just normal people who've gotten stronger through training.

Known Ability and UsersEdit

Nome Ability Type Ability
Han Jee-Han Natural The Gamer
Hwan Sung-Gon Natural Summoning
Hwan Sung-Ah Natural Black Demon Invasion
Shin Sun-Il Acquired Chunbumoon Martial Arts
Shin Sun-Oh Acquired Chunbumoon Martial Arts
Poong Sae-Young Acquired Chunbumoon Martial Arts
Phantom Wind Acquired Chunbumoon Martial Arts
Phantom Rain Acquired Chunbumoon Martial Arts
Kwon Shi-Yun Acquired Yunhon Martial Arts
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