Chapter 41
Chapter 41
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Volume 1
Arc The Society has Become Quite Complicated Today, Within it, Generalists are Treasured More Than Specialists. Generalists are Persons That Can Deal With a Wide Range of Problems. Although he Isn't Especially Talented at any one Thing, a Generalist can Deal With Most Issues Without aid, Since Here are so Many Generalists, They Will Soon Compete Among Themselves. It's a Competition of the Stats. Do you Know What That Means? It Means for you to Become the Trash Character That's Spent Points on Everything
Chapter 41
Release Date
Korean June 12, 2014
English March 13, 2015
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 ​This is the 41st chapter of the webtoon, The Gamer (Webtoon).


Han Jee-Han looks at the skills he leveled up, later on while walking he notices Kwon Shi-Yun about to battle the low level Black Leather Clan and in battle Shi-Yun easily blocks their attacks.