Do Gi-Hyun is an English teacher at Han Jee-Han's high school. He is known to be quite a passionate about teaching.




Do Gi-Hyun is a passionate teacher. Who only asks one thing from his student, to not do anything they shouldn't do. He only gets mad and hits them if they do bad things. Thanks to that, even the so-called delinquents in his class stay silent. He isn't afraid of cops coming either. Because he just beats his students if they stray to the wrong path. Once, some delinquents that had a grudge on him went after him, and ended up getting their arms and legs broken.


He was first seen disciplining Han Jee-Han for being late to school.


He's shown to be a pretty good fighter. Being Lv 15 means he is above a normal human. This strength only grows stronger after progressing to level 21 after the holiday break.