Han Jihan (한지한, Hanjihan) also known as The Gamer is the main protagonist of the manhwa The Gamer. Jihan has recently discovered that he has a Natural Ability called The Gamer. This ability makes him experience his life in a game-like setting which was derived from his gaming addiction.


Han Jihan is a young man in his late teens with dark brown hair (although it looks purple sometimes) and brown eyes. He is mainly seen wearing his school uniform: black pants, a blue shirt, and a red tie. At first, his physique could be described as being average, but after undergoing his metamorphosis, Han Jihan's physique has become a lot bulkier than before.

More recently, he wears a brown jacket, or whatever shirt happens to be on, as he isn't battling right after school as much.


Before he gained the ability known as "The Gamer" and Jihan had no motivation or dreams to accomplish anything. Like many teenagers at his age, he had no idea what he wanted to do with his life and sought for a way to become an important person in society. After being thrust into the dangers of the Abyss however, Jihan’s daily life has taken a complete turn and he has changed considerably.

Jihan has a simplistic outlook on life and as such, he possesses an easy-going and carefree attitude. There was nothing in Jihan’s life he really enjoyed doing other than playing video games and in accordance with that passion, he was granted the natural ability known as "The Gamer".

Because of his obsessions with video games, Jihan can usually relate most things he learns about the Abyss and the Gaia Theory back to video games which make it simpler for him.

Though he’s not a complete coward, Jihan has shown a reluctance to engage himself in combat and used to choose running away as his first option to ensure his survival. After getting accustomed to engaging enemies and leveling up, Jihan has become much more confident in his abilities and will only run away if the situation is out of his league. More recently, he has taken to unleashing his golems, nullifying enemies' magic, or just spiral mana bomb + lightning arrowing them.

Jihan can come off as a geek whenever he starts talking about how things work in the game world. Sun-lI and Sae-Young have frequently laughed at these monologues which annoys Jihan to no end.

Thanks to the incredibly useful functions that his natural ability gives him (such as creating drops from nothing, allowing him to learn skill books instantly, and obtaining passive skills), Jihan’s ego has gotten noticeably big. Sun-II has frequently expressed distress at the unfair advantages that Jihan gloats about and has developed somewhat of a god complex (comically of course). However, after witnessing the overwhelming power of those who are veterans in the Abyss, Jihan’s ego about his ability has been lowered and he has begun to see how truly small he is. In season 4, Jihan still gloats, but that is because he is actually very powerful, and has earned the right to brag.

Because he has spent most of his life as a gamer, Jihan is shy around pretty girls and has a hard time hiding his embarrassment when teased. Sae-Young and Lolikiano Mistream exploit this for all its worth and regularly teases him by getting close to him. Jihan has also expressed an interest in the opposite sex, such as Shi-Yun who he thinks has an attractive body and Sung-Ah who he thinks is really cute. He is also completely clueless about the girls that like him and flirt with him, and this creates many funny moments.

Creativity is a trait that has been a constant advantage to Jihan’s arsenal and has used his intuition with mana to create several useful techniques. For example, Jihan realized his energy bolt lacked piercing damage so he decided to manipulate his ki to add spinning properties to his attack, creating the Spinning Mana Arrow in the process. He even managed to use his skills creatively in situations that overcome the power of Gaia such as when the Church of Masks used the power of the world, Jihan used Douchery - a skill he got by accident at the beginning without grinding and managed to gain the upper hand.


The Gamer:

Undead Executioner:

Expert Mage:

The one who got the attention of Baal: The title given to a person who gets the attention of Baal and is closely watched.

Even demons like you!

Lets attract various kinds of species!

Demons Hospitality+50

Increase in efficiency of summoning demons by 50%.

Increase in attack Power by 50% When using demon type spell.

Increase in defense power by 50% when using demon type spell.

Decrease in the use of mana by 50% when using demon type spell.

  • Note- Because of Jihans ability the title is permanent.

The Witch's Second Great Warrior:' It was customary for witches to have a warrior to protect themselves from the past. Because of this, a special contract with a great warrior was signed. Witches provide vitality for the warrior and he fights for witchhood. Because a witch has an immortal life if she is not been murdered.So the warrior of the witch is also immortalized with her. A witch can have a total of three warriors. As the number of great warror increased by one,the ability is limited. The contract can be maintained and terminated in acordance with a bilateral agreement.

Skill [LIFE SHARING]Available.

Skill [MAGIC SHARING]Available.




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