Han Jung-Sook (한정숙, Hanjeongsug) is the mother of Han Jee-Han. She is the only person with an unknown level and class even after Jee-Han used Observe on her. Jung-Sook is a responsible mother and she often goes to the fitness centers although this may only be a front.


She is always dressed in regular clothes, often with an apron. She is slender with long dark blue hair that is always tied down. She has the appearance of a woman in her twenties even though she's forty years old.


Many things about her are a mystery and her personality is that of a normal mother. She gets angry if Han Jee-Han does not attend school or thinks he will not do his homework. She is also very understanding since she allowed Han Jee-Han to go see Shin Sun-Il after he was injured, even if that meant skipping classes. 


Jung-Sook goes to the fitness center very often but is almost always at home when Jee-Han returns. After one of her rare absence from the return of his son, we discover that her level and class is no longer invisible by Jee-Han. Jee-Han also very rarely praises her.


The Quest Above My HeadEdit

Jung-Sook is humming while chopping carrots when she comes up with adding tofu to the meal and tells Jee-Han to buy some. After a moment of no response, she calls her son's name again to which he replies that he's coming. Taking the bill for the errand from his kitchen counter, Jee-Han asks her if that's all she needs which she confirms but she tells him to hurry up, hastening him to leave quickly. When Jee-Han finally comes back, Jung-Sook instructs Jee-Han to hand over the tofu. Jee-Han inquires if they're going to have cooked soybean paste for dinner which she confirms while placing a dish onto the table. Jung-Sook questions her son if he wanted something else but adds that she's almost done while telling him to wait. Jee-Han asks about his dad but Jung-Sook tells him that his father told her he's eating out. Jung-Sook questions the teen if he's done his homework which he denies but states that he's almost done. As Jee-Han is about to leave, Jung-Sook charges him with washing the dishes.

I Leveled UpEdit

Before Jee-Han goes to visit Sun-Il after he was supposedly sick, he calls his mother to inform her that he's skipping cram school for the day. She yells back asking why while questioning if he knew how much cram school costs but Jee-Han signals that it was for another reason. He explained that Sun-Il got the flu and didn't go to school which surprises her. Jung-Sook asks him to confirm what she just heard which he does and Jee-Han continues that he's paying him a visit but he'll go to cram school if he has time. Jung-Sook agrees to this and the conversation ends. Immediately after, Jee-Han is suspicious of his mother because of the question marks above her head.

Shout My Name!Edit

Jee-Han returns to his house after clearing a Zombie Illusion Barrier. As he enters the front door, he shouts out that he's home. She asks if he's back now while watching TV and eating chips, to which he confirms but adds that he's a bit late. As they converse, Jung-Sook keeps her eyes on the screen and she asks him if Sun-Il is okay. Jee-Han states that he's fine and will be back in school in a couple days to which she wonders if this is true. As Jee-Han walks past her, he wonders about the question marks above her head again. Jee-Han tells his mother that he's going up to his room and Jung-Sook acknowledges this but asks if he's eaten yet to which Jee-Han states that he has.

I Need More Skills!Edit

While walking home from Chunbumoon's dojo for the second time. Jee-Han ponders what his mother would say when he gets home, questioning himself if she'll allow him to go to Sun-Il's dojo and he thinks about what her level is. He reassures himself that she is hiding something although he concludes that it's the case without a doubt but he contemplates whether to bring it up if she doesn't do it herself. Jee-Han feels that he's been betrayed by his mother for her deception. Jung-Sook left a note with money stating that she'll come home after going to the fitness center and seeing a friend, so he's eating alone. Jee-Han admits that he would normally be happy with this but the timing confirms that she is hiding something.

After Jee-Han's alarm rings, Jung-Sook asks loudly if he is awake and he replies that he is. After cooking breakfast, she tells him to eat some and when he hesitates momentarily, she asks him what's wrong but Jee-Han answers that it's nothing. Jung-Sook remembers that Jee-Han will be going to Sun-Il's for private tutoring. In class Jee-Han realizes that he doesn't know what his mother is hiding.

Get Into GearEdit

When Jee-Han arrives home early, she inquires if he's back. Jee-Han states that he is because there isn't any class at Sun-Il's that day although Jung-Sook already knew this and adds that she heard the teacher went out of the country for a week but tells Jee-Han that he still needs to study at home. She instructs him to go get changed which he obeys. As he returns to the kitchen, Jung-Sook takes out the Doenjang Jjigae she made and Jee-Han states that he loves her Doenjang Jjigae, adding that it's the best, which prompts Jung-Sook to ask what was with his unusual praise. She tells him to just eat which he does but she watches him as he fills his mouth completely with food. As they're both finished with the meal, Jung-Sook directs him to wash the dishes. When Jee-Han is done and is leaving for his room, Jung-Sook reminds him to study.

On the morning after, Jee-Han tells his mom that he's going out for a bit while she's chopping food. Jung-Sook gives him a quest to come back before dinner.


She might be an ability user but so far it is unknown. Han Jee-Han commented that her level could be considerably higher than him, since in video games you can't even see the level of monsters if they are way higher than the character's.