The Harem King is one of the Three Factions ruling over the Abyss of Seoul along with Chunbumoon and Yunhonmoon. His strength alone is considered to be powerful enough for a god with 128 million divine unit to fear him.

His real name is "Dajeon Jin" according to Lolikiano Mistream [1].


The harem King is in his late teen early twenty's with dark red hair and blue eyes. He is mainly seen wearing short and a t-shirt. In terms of looks he looks like an older version of the Main Character.


Not much is known about his personality. He seems to be a laid back character who enjoys hanging around. But due his powers he is very confident and wields great authority. His mood can change quickly from angry to calm and vice versa.



At an unknown point, the Harem King returned to Seoul. He met with the President of the Company and scolded him for attacking Jee-Han. He warned the President that if he dare to touch Jee-Han again, he would personally destroy the Company and everybody else involved in the affair.



The Harem King and Jee-Han seem to have some sort of connection. Through the Abyss, the Harem King declared that Jee-Han is under his personal protection. While almost everybody in the Abyss knows about that, Jee-Han is not aware of it.

The President

The Harem King and the President seem to know each other. Their relationship is currently strained due the fact that the president intended to harm Jee-Han during his fight with Hwan Sung-Gon.[2]


In the Abyss of Seoul, many fear and/or respect the Harem King. Only a few dare to anger him or stand against him.


The Harem King is said to be able to fight on par with the Dan Ui Clan (the cousins of the Chunbomoon), one of the world nine strongest organisations. While that rumor might not be true, it can be assumed that he is indeed quite powerful. Even after the President of the Company became a god called Arc Company he still called the Harem King a "intimidating being" which is quite a surprise since he didnt seem to fear the Dan Ui Clan. Sun-Il the heir of the Chunbumoon described him as ridiculously powerful.

His power may be related to fire because when he released his aura to threaten the President of the Company it took the appearance of a fire, like a glowing sphere and was strong enough to crack the entire floor along with the walls of the room.


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