Hwan Sung-Ah (환성아, Hwanseong-a) is a second year High School student and Ability user currently going to the same school as Han Jee-Han. She is Hwan Sung-Gon's daughter.


Sung-Ah is a young, slim, pretty girl with long brown hair and purple eyes. She wears the typical uniform for high school students in her area: a blue buttoned t-shirt with a left breast pocket and a long collar with a short red tie and a black skirt.


Not much is known about her personality, but she suffers from anxiety, fear, and hopelessness from her ability. Unlike her father, she seems to have a more gentle and frail nature.


Sung-Ah was invaded by the Darkness attribute and the Demonic attribute from birth. She is affected by the innate curse, the Black Demon's Invasion, which constantly drains the body's life force.

She occasionally gets seizures which cause her to faint, but her dad usually finds her soon after. Sung-Ah has also been suffering from the Black Demon's Freezing which was active at all times.

Through school, she developed a close relationship with The Gamer, who helps her mitigate the effects of the curse through the Yunhon soul recovery skill.

In Chapter 85, she is finally ridden of the curse through a ritual performed by her father Sung-Gon.


Wise Decisions Require KnowledgeEdit

Han Jee-Han finds Sung-Ah fainted in an empty Illusion Barrier that she created before she got a seizure. Jee-Han immediately used Yunhon Soul Recovery on her but after noticing that it had no effect, he began using a Soul Stone in combination with Yunhon Soul Recovery which started to lessen the status effects. After repeating this process, Jee-Han managed to remove the Fainted and Black Demon's Freezing effect and decrease the severity of Black Demon's Invasion to Intermediate. Moments after the healing, Sung-Ah wakes up to the face of Jee-Han and stands up while dusting off her skirt. She bows to her savior and asks if he was Han Jee-Han which he confirms. Jee-Han asks back if she was a sophomore and she nods in reply. Jee-Han tells her to drop the honorifics since they're in the same grade and she nods and thanks Jee-Han for his service. A curious Jee-Han question why she fainted in a place like this and Sung-Ah answers that it was due to a seizure which she occasionally got and was dangerous but her dad would've come soon although she thanks him again anyway. Jee-Han tries to check on her health by asking how she felt while adding that he did some emergency treatment. Sung-Ah finally notices that she's not cold and wonders how he managed to cure her. Jee-Han reveals that he has a healing ability but he couldn't get rid of the Black Demon's Invasion and just as he says that, Sung-Gon appears while cutting him off mid-sentence. She watches as Sung-Gon and Jee-Han communicate but once they're finished, Sung-Ah grabs her father's arm as Sung-Gon teleports them both away.

Only Through Effort Will You Gain the Fortitude to Walk Down Your Own PathEdit

Resting in a hospital bed while connected to three drips, Sung-Ah stares at the picture facing towards her. Sung-Gon enters the room and tells her body's in a much better condition than before while detailing that the Black Demon's power decreased and the Freezing effect disappeared while adding that she should be fine for the time being. Sung-Ah thanks her dad which leads to him grabbing a seat at her bedside. He seriously promises her that she'll be able to travel soon but she states that she's fine and tells him not to overwork himself since she doesn't want him to get hurt because of her. Sung-Gon rhetorically asks back why would he get hurt, prompting her to worry. Sung-Gon hugs her while reassuring Sung-Ah and tells her not to worry. She agrees to do so but Sung-Gon mutters that he'll cure her no matter what it takes.

Sung-Ah transfers into 2nd Year Class 8 which is Jee-Han, Sun-Il and Shi-Yun's class. Before she is revealed to the class, Do Gi-Hyun tells the students the transfer student is a girl after Yoo-Jin asks. The teacher instructs Sung-Ah to come in, which she does and after a brief introduction by Gi-Hyun, Sung-Ah bows to the class while telling them her name and states that because she hasn't been able to attend school due to her illness, she's looking for friends and asks for her classmates to take care of her. Almost all the boys dive towards her offering to be her friend while the girls pity her. The teacher arranges for Sung-Ah to sit in the front row right in front of Jee-Han because she can't see well. As she sits done, Shi-Yun glares at her with a fiery rage and even as her classmates greet her after class, Shi-Yun continues to give her death stares.

Newest participations in the storyEdit

After getting cured of the Black Demon's curse and during summer vacations, Hwan Sung-Ah and her father don't participate in the story. During this period Sung-Ah has been learning how to control her demonic powers and is getting stronger in order to stay closer to Jee-Han. Sung-Ah has developed deep feelings towards The Gamer, that appear to have been admitted by her own father.


Black Soul: According to her father, Hwan Sung-Gon, and Kwon Shi-Yun The nature of Hwan Sung-Ah's soul allows her to connect herself to dark dimension (Hell) and gain access to unlimited dark energy. In theory, Hwan Sung-Ah has the potential to become a grand magician. To use it, however, is a difficult feat that requires great control. Hawan Sung-Ah has later shown to be able to control the power of the Black Demon, which was able to absorb both the HP and MP of Han Jee-Han.

Illusion Barrier (허상결계, Heosang-gyeolgye): She has the ability to create a separate dimension exclusive to ability users called the Illusion Barrier. She can close the Illusion Barriers she creates or desolate ones.


Stats by LevelEdit

12 6 2 5 79 68 52