Hwan Sung-Gon (환성곤, Hwangseon-gon) is a mysterious Natural Ability user who is came to soul collecting Soul Stones to save his daughter, Hwan Sung-Ah. He recently got instated as a replacement Chemistry teacher and he has connections to the Irregular Magician.

He is extremely powerful summoner and fighter. His rank in Abyss is SSS.


Hwan Sung-Gon is a middle aged man often dressed in a black suit and wears sunglasses. He has a ring on his left hand with a chain connected to a silver bracelet on his wrist. When he take off his sunglasses, it is shown that his eyes have a black sclera and glowing yellow irises which makes him look like a demon.


He acts emotionless and composed most of the time. Apparently he has very little to no regard for bystanders since he threatened to kill Han Jee-Han in two occasions but when Jee-Han saved his daughter he thanked him. The only thing he considers important is his daughter. He has stated that she is more important than his life and became overprotective of her while being angry at Jee-Han for going on a date with her, constantly showering him with killing intent. He could be seen as a very preoccupied father so he doesn't care about anything that is not related to his daughter.



The Quest Above My HeadEdit

Sung-Gon suddenly attacks Kwon Shi-Yun in order to assess her skills and he summons the fire-breathing Cerberus to fight her, but Han Jee-Han wanders into the Illusion Barrier that took place. The hyperactive Cerberus starts growling while leaking flames from his mouth but Sung-Gon calms it with a pat. After taking a glance at Shi-Yun's abilities, he recounts the facts he knows of on the Soul Blaze Fist Martial Art style and commented on how he's surprised by her battle with his summoned beast. Shi-Yun demands for the reason why he attacked her and Sung-Gon answers this truthfully. When Shi-Yun asks for him to elaborate, Sung-Gon cuts her off and states that they'll communicate with actions. He sends his canine at her and during that same moment Jee-Han tries to escape but is caught by another summoning belonging to Sung-Gon, the Black Slime. Sung-Gon manipulates the sludge into coiling around Jee-Han's leg and lifts him up to a more visible location. Sung-Gon questions if Shi-Yun is thinking of running but threatens to tear up Jee-Han if she does so and creates a ring of Black Slime around him. Sung-Gon acknowledges that she won't have any trouble with leaving but states Jee-Han might die. Shi-Yun calls him a coward and questions if he intentionally brought a civilian into this but Sung-Gon reassures her that if she's to fight at her full strength, no harm will befall on Jee-Han and clarifies that Jee-Han involved himself. Shi-Yun doubts this but Sung-Gon queries why he would lie although he admits that it's peculiar since Jee-Han's a civilian yet he got into the Illusion Barrier. He orders Shi-Yun to attack but warns that she will die as well if she betrays his expectation. The Black Slime starts reacting and the canine charges at her.


Being a level 46 makes him a really powerful character shown so far, he has not been seen fighting for himself since his summons do the fighting. He also requested 'Witch of Slaughter' to kill all the cleaners who are targeting his daughter. While she stated that she can easily kill enemies whose strength are at B - rank or lower, Hwan himself told her to notify him when an A - rank shows up as he will deal with them personally, although he is stated to be weakened. In the earlier chapters his level was shown to be 46, but it can be due to the seal he placed on himself to accumulate mana for his daughter's ritual, so his power is to be expectantly higher. The President of The Company refers to him as an "SSS-ranked monster". In the Arc of the Great Labyrinth; Shin Sun-Il and Han Jee-Han estimated his level shown is more by 200.

Black Soul: Like his daughter, or perhaps this is a heredity trait, Hwan Sung-Gon's soul nature allows him to connect and draw power from dark dimension. Theoretically speaking, this allow him access to 'unlimited' amount of dark energy.

His more used abilities shown are till now:

Summoning: Hwan Sung-Gon has the power to summon a variety of monsters.

Absorbing Sphere: This is a red floating energy sphere that can absorb spirits inside a barrier, then the sphere itself is absorbed by Hwan Sung-Gon with unknown effects.

Teleportation: He has the ability to teleport himself and others. When this is done they are enveloped by shadows and disappear. 

Forbidden Root Corrosion: A forbidden technique that requires a lot of mana for the user. It absorb the 'root' of the user's power. In exchange, it becomes a powerful purification source to heal people. It supposed to be fatal for the user, but Hwan Sung-Gon can survive it thanks to his Black Soul.

Black Demon's Meal: It wipes out the existence of your opponent. And turns their very soul into a concentrated gem. He consumes these gems to become stronger. Just as the ability says, it is an ability that allows you to consume others. 

Black Sun: A forbidden technique that open a black hole that swallows everything in the illusion barrier's space.


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