Kim Yoo-Jin (김유진, Gim-yujin) is the Class Representative of Year 2 Class 8. Her INT has been noted as absurdly high for a normal person at 54 and she is among the best in the school in terms of grades.


Yoo-Jin is a very plain looking girl with green hair in a straight fringe and shoulder length cut. Her most notable features are her large, round glasses and she wears the typical high school female uniform which is a collared, blue, buttoned t-shirt with a left breast pocket and has a short red tie as well as the short, black skirt.


Yoo-Jin always gets one of the best grades out of her whole high school. Also the worst character.


The Quest Above My HeadEdit

After Han Jee-Han is punished by Do Gi-Hyun for being late, she is instructed by the teacher to do the class greeting and Yoo-Jin leads the class into doing so.

Shout My NameEdit

When Gi-Hyun enters the classroom as the day starts off, he signals to the class rep and she conducts the class to do the greeting.

Later that day, Hwan Sung-Gon replaces the previous chemistry teacher and asks for the page the class was on and Yoo-Jin answers it is page 192.

Only Through Effort Will You Gain the Fortitude to Walk Down Your Own PathEdit

When told by Gi-Hyun that there's another transfer student moving into her class, Yoo-Jin asks if it is a boy although the teacher denies this. After Hwan Sung-Ah introduces herself and all the boys dive towards her, Yoo-Jin feels pity for her.

Season 2 Edit

As of Chapter 103 Yoo-Jin finds out about the abyss from Han Jee-Han and his abilities after she pulled was into the The Age of The Great Labyrinth Dungeon and starts training under his instruction to survive in The Abyss for whenever she gets pulled back in. only later to be kidnapped.