Kwon Shi-Yun (권시연, Gwon shi-yeon) is the tritagonist of The Gamer and a High School student who transferred into 2nd Year Class 8. She hails from the Yunhonmoon clan, the clan that opposes but is currently allied with Chunbumoon.


Shi-Yun is a young, tall, slender girl who is considered attractive and is surprisingly developed. She has long red hair that is always tied up in a ponytail, but she has a fringe and two streams of hair which frame her face. Her initial outfit consists of a white buttoned t-shirt with a flicked up collar which is surrounded by a loose orange tie and she also has two red fingerless gloves and a brown knee-length skirt. Her school uniform is a buttoned blue shirt with a long overlapping collar, a short bright red tie, and a black skirt. The school uniform is the main outfit she adorns but during her casual hours, she's been seen with a light red and white short-sleeved jacket and orange training short-shorts.


She tends to be very forgetful since after saying she would remember Han Jee-Han's face a few days later she completely forgot about him.

Every time she sees Hwan Sung-Gon in class she gets angry, this animosity is also generated towards Hwan Sung-Ah.

It's hard to say what she's like in school, as she seems to sleep through lunch break but otherwise seems to follow lectures just fine.


The Quest Above My HeadEdit

Shi-Yun is suddenly attacked by Hwan Sung-Gon when Han Jee-Han stumbles into their Illusion Barrier where their battle was taking place. Sung-Gon uses his 3-Headed Wolf to attack her but she manages to hold her own against it. After watching her fight, Sung-Gon describes the Yunhon Martial Arts style but Shi-Yun dismisses this and asks him why he attacked her. He questions why himself but he reveals he wants to test her skills in order to prepare for what is about to happen. This bewilders her and as she asks him what he meant, Sung-Gon silences her mid-sentence and tells her to communicate with actions instead of words. Sung-Gon orders his canine to strike but Shi-Yun lights her body on fire and clashes with it head-on. Both the canine and Shi-Yun bounce back from the attack but Sung-Gon forces her to not run away by threatening a vulnerable Jee-Han's life. Sung-Gon summons the Black Slime and states that it won't be any trouble for Shi-Yun to deal with it but Jee-Han could die. Shi-Yun is angered by this and while lighting her hands aflame, she calls him a coward but asks if he intentionally brought a civilian in. Sung-Gon reassures her that if she fought with her full strength, the young man won't be harmed and clears up the confusion on Jee-Han, revealing that he involved himself. Shi-Yun doesn't believe this but Sung-Gun questions why he would lie although he acknowledges that it was weird how a civilian got into the Illusion Barrier. Sung-Gon tells her to come at him but warns that she'll die if she betrays his expectations. The canine blows a surge of flames at her but she knocks this away with her bare hands and jumps up at him while stopping right in front of its face. She punches one of the beast's head, knocking it back and she uses this advantage to hammer him in the stomach which defeats him.

A layer of Black Slime slides towards Shi-Yun which annoys her into using the first skill of Soul Blaze Fist, Soul Blaze Flame. Her surrounding becomes engulfed by oranges flames and begins to turn blue, starting from the area around her hands. Just as this happens the Black Slime encases her into a ball. The slime bubbles up from the heat and explodes leaving Shi-Yun completely unharmed and standing in her previous position. Sung-Gon is glad to see her unleash her power and decides her limits, summoning a large magic circle to bring out a Giant Mantis. Shi-Yun manages to push the mantis back by kicking its chest and kills it with a single punch with her blue flame right through its belly while showing no signs of strain.

Shi-Yun appears before Jee-Han surprising him. When he takes a few steps back she approaches him and asks for his identity. Jee-Han is puzzled by the question but Shi-Yun states an ordinary person couldn't have defeated the Black Slime and asks how he did it. Jee-Han rebuffs by asking why she's interrogating a guy who almost died, leaving Shi-Yun out of words. He offers a deal to take turns asking which she accepts but asks first who he was which he answers in detail. She comments on how he looked pretty dumb even though he had a special power and after looking him over, she states that she has memorized his name and face. Shi-Yun proceeds run off without answering Jee-Han's question.

Shout My Name!Edit

Shi-Yun is welcomed into Year 2 Class 8, Jee-Han's class, by Do Gi-Hyun after she transferred to the school due to supposed family problems. She introduces herself after the teacher tells her to do so and she bows while explaining the reason for her transfer. She is directed to sit two seats directly behind Jee-Han at the back of the class and when she walked past Jee-Han, they momentarily had eye-contact but she didn't pay him any extra attention. During the first-period break, nobody showed any interest in her aside from Jee-Han, which was weird since she's a transfer student with good looks, but Jee-Han guessed she's using a special power or charm. Throughout all the period breaks she stares out the window. When Sung-Gon enters the class as the replacement Chemistry teacher, Shi-Yun glares at him with a blood-thirsty glare.

I Need More Skills!Edit

As Jee-Han walks away after training in one of Sung-Gon's Illusion Barriers she tells him to stop. Her presence surprises Jee-Han and she recounts Jee-Han's full name and school class. To avoid suspicion, she asks if her name was Kwon Shi-Yun which she confirms and when he asks if this was the first time they talked, she replies "yeah" again. She walks towards Jee-Han and questions what his relations are to Chunbumoon and Sung-Gon. Annoyed that she's questioning him again, he redirects to another question and asks if she's seen him before she transferred to the school. Shi-Yun inquires why he was asking this to which he reveals that he's seen her before. She denies this, stating that they haven't met before but Jee-Han reminds her of the time she first battled Sung-Gon. Shi-Yun finally recognizes Jee-Han as the hostage back then which he confirms and he also adds that he's not related to Sung-Gon but he's slightly close to Chunbumoon because of Shin Sun-Il, his childhood friend. Satisfied with the response, Shi-Yun tells him she'll remember his face but Jee-Han tells her that she's said that before but when she states that she can't remember it, Jee-Han loudly questions what is in her head. She dismisses this and firmly says that she'll remember it for sure this time. She tells the Gamer that she'll be watching him and orders him to stay away from Sung-Gon while running off in the distance.

Let's Find a PartyEdit

As Sung-Gon was directly teaching Jee-Han, Shi-Yun stares at Jee-Han deeply enough for Jee-Han to notice even with his back turned to her. As there's a lunch break, she sits cross-armed while napping at her desk.

Get Into GearEdit

Immediately after the bell rang, Shi-Yun uses her Time-Freeze Illusion Barrier and approaches Jee-Han, telling him she has something to ask him. Jee-Han wonders what it was and if she was the cause of everyone freezing. Shi-Yun admits that it's easier to talk in an Illusion Barrier and invites Jee-Han to talk elsewhere. Following her up the stairs, Jee-Han questions why they couldn't talk where they were before but Shi-Yun reveals it's common sense that Time-Freeze Illusion Barriers don't last long and questions if Jee-Han knew this but he revealed he didn't since he hasn't been in the Abyss for long. Shi-Yun tells him it's a good thing he knows now just as they arrive on the school's roof. Jee-Han tells Shi-Yun to hurry up, triggering her into asking if he knew why Sung-Gon was collecting Soul Stones, Jee-Han replies that he's unaware of the reason. Just to confirm this, she repeats the question but Jee-Han rejects this and questions her how she expected him to know. Shi-Yun states that she's seen Jee-Han enter his Illusion Barriers a lot recently although he admits that it was inevitable. She recounts the time he went in during the night but Jee-Han snarls back that it was for training. Shi-Yun ponders over this but understands his reasons behind entering them. Before leaving, she warns him not to enter Sung-Gon's Illusion Barriers anymore since they'll be destroyed soon.

Only Through Effort Will You Gain the Fortitude to Walk Down Your Own PathEdit

Shi-Yun arrives early to school even earlier than Jee-Han, but by the time Jee-Han enters the classroom, she's already napping and does so until school starts. When Sung-Ah is introduced into the class and directed to her seat, Shi-Yun glares at her with a fiery rage.


She is an expert of her clan martial arts, Soul Blaze Fist Martial Arts which utilizes the soul by burning it to create fire and other abilities and she has shown to possess a high level of martial arts skills. Shi-Yun later absorbed the Essence of the Spirit Flame Fist from the Vice Guild Leader, she received a boost in her power and became able to do things that she first thought as theories along with the flame within her increasing twofold, this is proven as she could fight her mother the Guild Master. Later on, having absorbed the Essence of Divine Help Spirit Flame from, the flame inside of her has grown ever more powerful than before and realized the true nature of their clan martial art, the Yeonhon Yeongi Yeonshindan, which lets her summon pitch black flames. She states that she would be able to fight the Ten Great Korean Clans.

Soul Blaze Fist (연혼권, Yeonhongwon; 燃魂拳): Allows the user to use fire-based techniques. It is an ability that is risky because it burns the soul but it reaps a hefty reward.

  • Soul Blaze Flame (연혼염, Yeonhon-yeom): The first skill of Soul Blaze Fist, the user is covered in a red flame which then turns blue and burns anything that gets close to the user. Following the activation, flames would burst from her fists when she punches.
  • Spiritual Incarnation (영적화신, yeongjeog-hwasin): This is the ultimate weapon of the Yunhonmoon that she learned having absorbed the Essence Spirit Flame First and DIvine Help Spirit Flame, which lets her turn into a spiritual incarnated form.

Illusion Barrier (허상결계, Heosang-gyeolgye): She has the ability to create illusion barriers like most ability users. She can also create barriers that freeze everyone around her, except for ability users, but they do not last long.

  • Time-Freeze (시간정지, Siganjeongji): Time stops for everyone around her except for ability users. It is commonly known that they don't last long.

Yunhon Spirit Technique: Allows the user to materialize power by burning the user's soul. A basic inner Ki technique.

  • Superhuman Strength: She is able to jump several feet in the air and send large monsters flying with just a punch.
  • Superhuman Endurance: Shi-Yun managed to take on many strong monsters non-stop by using techniques that consumed a lot of ki but she did so non-stop without breaking a sweat.
  • Superhuman Speed: She was able to travel a large distance in an instant. She was quick enough to appear and punch a monster before it could react.

Stats by LevelsEdit

99 333 333 333 100 50 100