Sung Ma-Hyun (성마현, Seongmahyeon) is the Korean Branch Manager of the Abyss Auction House who personally reached out to Han Jee-Han.


Ma-Hyun is a tall man with long, silver hair tied up in a pony tail with a side branch parting on the left side of his face. He has blue eyes which are usually covered by his red-framed rectangular spectacles and has round studs as earrings. He adorns a black suit complete with jacket, vest, a white shirt and pants. Ma-Hyun has an abstract designed black and blue tie tucked in under his vest and has brown skinned shoes.



Only Through Effort Will You Gain the Fortitude to Walk Down Your Own PathEdit

As Jee-Han leaves his school, Ma-Hyun advances towards him from behind. With Jee-Han's back turned towards him, Ma-Hyun asks if he could spare a few minutes but Jee-Han was too absorbed in his thoughts to hear him. Annoyed that he was ignored, Ma-Hyun grabs Jee-Han's shoulder stating he'd like to talk to him while calling him by his name and ability. As Jee-Han turns his face towards him, he smiles. Ma-Hyun questions if he felt like talking to him now but Jee-Han walks towards him asking who he is. Ma-Hyun admits that he has every right to be suspicious and he introduces himself by handing him his business card. Ma-Hyun states that Jee-Han probably hasn't heard of the Abyss Auction from "him" so he decided to personally do business with him. Ma-Hyun calls Jee-Han by his name and class again and reassures him that he will do him no harm. He asks if he would mind talking for a bit and suggests doing it at a nearby cafe. Ma-Hyun adds that he'll guarantee his safety, convincing Jee-Han to accept.

At the cafe, Ma-Hyun explains that the world they live in has many names such as the Hidden World, the Abyss, Purgatory and others but recently it's been mainly called the Abyss thanks to the Abyss Auction company. He continues that the times have changed and the world became globally connected which affects the people from the Abyss as well. Ma-Hyun recounts that they used to exchange goods or information through the black market but now they're able to buy and sell things through a smartphone. He resumes broadcasting that the Abyss Auction who keeps up-to-date created the underworld item exchange website 10 years ago and now they've become the world's greatest business enterprise. Jee-Han is amazed by this but wonders how they knew about him and Ma-Hyun answers that they specialize in the trade of many things such as goods, information, requests and even lives but Jee-Han's information was received recently and is selling quite well. Ma-Hyun discloses that they didn't need to personally visit him and Korea is small and although it doesn't have a lot of ability users, it doesn't have too few either which brings him to two reasons, one is for business which is to encourage Jee-Han to use the Abyss Auction while the second one is to give him a warning since he's currently in danger and he advises him to get stronger. Jee-Han asks why he's telling him this but Ma-Hyun states that he's not privy to divulge why but he hints that it's because of his connection to someone. Ma-Hyun reveals that if Jee-Han was attacked in a small city like Seoul, large problems will arise so from a business point of view, such a big change won't be good. He summarizes this by telling him to level up more.

Jee-Han inquires on how much he knows about him and while sipping his coffee, Ma-Hyun admits not much aside from him having a game ability and can raise his level and declares that the Abyss Auction isn't all-powerful. He lists his sources as long-range observation magic, familiar wiretaps and surveillance but states that those things aren't enough to get all the information. Ma-Hyun finishes his cup of coffee and announces that he's leaving now. Ma-Hyun bows and shakes Jee-Han's hand while urging him to use the Abyss Auction. He waves good bye, leaving Jee-Han dazed.

Recently agreed to give Jihan info. in exchange for something that he made with magic (Creation skill)