Shin Sun-Oh (신선오, Sinseon-o) is the grandfather of Shin Sun-Il and Poong Sae-Young as well as the leader of the Chunbumoon, one of the two clans controlling the Abyss of the Seoul region.


He is an old man, over a hundred years old, with white hair, a beard and a mustache. He wears a light brown robe.


He is always seen acting calm and composed. He seemed really surprised when seeing how Han Jee-Han's "The Gamer" ability worked. In a flashback it was seen when he got angry and comically chasing Han Jee-Han for teaching Shin Sun-Il about computer games.


Shin Sun-Oh is the eldest in his household and the Head of Chunbumoon. He hated Han Jee-Han for introducing games to his grandson, Shin Sun-Il, although he believes he's been soft on him for being Sun-Il's friend. Sun-Oh and Jee-Han have grown closer through all the times they've fought. 


Shout My Name!Edit

Sun-Oh watches Sun-Il test out his physical capabilities after he was injured by Hwan Sung-Gon but healed by Jee-Han. Seeing Jee-Han enter the courtyard of his dojo, he comments that he was there, making Jee-Han aware of his presence. Jee-Han greets him but Sun-Oh just sneers at how his fate was caused by playing wicked games but Jee-Han tries to reason that it isn't weird to play games. Jee-Han questions what he'll do if Sun-Il becomes obsolete because of him and tells him to learn the trends, after all he installed a door bell so he shouldn't be stubborn although Sun-Oh is outraged by this. Seeing Jee-Han scan him with Observe, Sun-Oh tells him to stop staring and to stand next to him. Jee-Han inquires if Sun-Il was already training but Sun-Oh answers he has to check whether Jee-Han healed him properly or not. Sun-Oh asks Jee-Han is a Natural Ability user like he heard which he confirms. Sun-Oh remarks that the world must be ending and wonders how someone like Jee-Han became a Natural Ability user which annoys Jee-Han. Sun-Oh asks his grandson how he felt to which he replies that everything is normal. After understanding this, he gives Sun-Il permission to rest.

Sun-Oh turns to Jee-Han and grills him again on how he became a Natural Ability user while calling him a rascal but Jee-Han cheerily replies that he doesn't know either and that it just happened. Jee-Han questions if he's been too harsh on him since he's been hiding Abyss related things for so long but Sun-Oh replies that there's nothing good about knowing it. Sun-Oh reflects that he's been too soft on him ever since Jee-Han was young because he's Sun-Il's friend. Sun-Oh orders her granddaughter, Poong Sae-Young, to get 'that' which she immediately goes to retrieve. Sun-Oh recounts how he heard of Jee-Han's ability to learn secrets recorded in a book just by touching it which Jee-Han verifies. Sun-Oh asks if there are any side effects but Jee-Han replies that there weren't any that he knew of. Sun-Oh thinks for a moment and requests to see Jee-Han's arm. The clan head inspects the student's pulse and notes that his power isn't due to inner ki but he senses a power there although Jee-Han suspects it to be mana (MP). Sun-Oh objects that he shouldn't be able to use Yunhon Soul Recovery with mana but Sun-Il tells him it's an ability specific characteristic. Sun-Oh asks if this meant the world was assisting his ability and Sun-Il states that it appeared to be the case. Sun-Oh understands this but realizes that it meant Jee-Han's ability was Shinin-Class. Sun-Oh later watches Sae-Young drop a box of books on Jee-Han's foot.

After Jee-Han is handed the Chunbu Breathing Technique book by Sae-Young, he asks what he's supposed to do with it and Sun-Oh tells him to try learning it, stating that he knew Jee-Han was telling the truth about his abilities but the clan head wants to see exactly how he uses his ability and instructs him to try leaning the techniques. Jee-Han asks if he cares about the book disappearing but Sun-Oh expresses that he doesn't mind since they're all copies. Sun-Oh watches as Jee-Han absorbs the book and is mildly surprised to see it disappear and he also senses the energy from the main family emitting from him. She tells Sae-Young to give him the others as well while observing Jee-Han receive a message warning him of the detrimental effect if he was to learn the Self-Enhancement Breathing Technique. Sun-Oh finds Jee-Han's System Message fairly interesting and asks him for what it specifically says. After hearing Jee-Han's message, Sun-Oh manages to confirm his hunch that Jee-Han's ability isn't a normal one while noticing that it warned Jee-Han of the crossing of two flows. Sun-Oh looks over to Sae-Young while stating that they'll find out what the next message says, triggering Sae-Young to hand the Chunbu Divine Technique book to Jee-Han. The student asks if he should learn this as well which Sun-Oh confirms but tells him not to do so if he receives another warning like the detrimental effect from last time. When Jee-Han fails to learn this because his INT at 90 or above, Sun-Oh asks what INT is. Jee-Han explains the numerical value representation of stats in games and gives an example by comparing the difference between a STR of 1 and 100.

Sun-Oh admits that he needed to learn about games in order to fully comprehend Jee-Han's ability but when Jee-Han tries to introduce him to games, he states that he's fine. Sun-Oh questions if he'll really get smarter if he raises his INT which Jee-Han replies that it appeared so, leading Sun-Oh to comment on how strange the ability is. Sun-Oh states that he knew how Jee-Han's ability works and tells him it's a Late Bloomer ability. When asked what that meant, he elaborates that among Natural Abilities, there are those that are ridiculously strong from the beginning but there are also those like his that can grow without limit. Sun-Oh directs Sae-Young to give Jee-Han the other books which she does. A concerned Jee-Han asks Sun-Oh if he was sure about letting Jee-Han learn all the skills for free but Sun-Oh admits that Chunbu skills can only be learned if the person is part of the clan but it was alright to teach just the basics to an outsider and tells him not to worry. The grateful Jee-Han accepts all the presents and after he was done, Sun-Oh asks him how it is and he replies that he just got really strong. Sun-Oh analyzes that Jee-Han can use the techniques immediately after learning them which made it a strange ability but Jee-Han reveals that it's not weird in games. The clan head recounts how he heard Jee-Han obtains martial arts techniques as skills and the skills have levels while questioning if this was true. Jee-Han verifies this and explains the Mastery System while accessing his Inventory, he summons his baseball bat which impresses Sun-Oh and smashes the ground with it, leaving a small crevice. Sun-Oh declares his ability as unusual and directs Jee-Han to come to the dojo everyday starting from the day after and adds that he'll speak to his mother about it. Jee-Han attempts to object by saying that even if Sun-Oh told him to come-, but Sun-Oh cuts him mid-sentence by asking if he's sure he isn't going to train. Jee-Han expresses that he didn't need to train because the skills level up automatically when he uses them. Sun-Oh tells him that even if he knew martial art techniques, it doesn't mean he got any stronger, even if he was to train as hard as he wants, it's no use without real fighting experience and that's why Sun-Oh is offering to train him.

I Need More Skills!Edit

In Chunbumoon's Wind Rain Cloud Triad Zone Illusion Barrier, Sun-Oh stands on top of a pillar opposite to Hwan Sung-Gon during their negotiation where he's at the front of his group. Sun-Oh along with others from Chunbumoon listen to Sung-Gon's explanation for his collection of souls in Illusion Barriers and after hearing the whole story, Sun-Oh acknowledges that he can relate to Sung-Gon but states that what he's doing isn't good for the land and questions what he'll do about it. Sung-Gon rhetorically replies that it was the reason he's making this offer and Sun-Oh understands this while telling him he won't interfere in his activities but asks what he'll do about Jee-Han while pointing at the student. Sun-Oh reveals to Sung-Gon that Jee-Han enters Illusion Barriers without realizing and asks if that will be a hindrance for him. Sung-Gon asks if what Sun-Oh said was true which he confirms and adds that there will be a chance Jee-Han'll get in his way. Sung-Gon ends the meeting by telling Sun-Oh he won't mind if one or two Illusion Barriers are sacrificed each day and after Chunbumoon's Illusion Barrier fades, Jee-Han is left standing in front of Sun-Oh and the other Chunbumoon members in the meeting.


It is assumed that without a doubt he is a master of Chunbu Martial Arts. His level is higher than 46 although it is unknown how much higher.

Chunbu Breathing Technique (천부삼재심공, Cheonbusamjaesimgong) [Passive & Active]: Passively increases STR, DEX, VIT, INT and WIS and can permanently improve them further through training. Actively further increases his STR and DEX and Ki Strikes can be used when active.

  • Ki Meditation: A method to regain used up Inner Ki and recovers it quite rapidly.

Chunbu Sword Technique(천부삼재검법, Cheonbusamjaegeombeob) [Passive & Active]: Passively increases the speed and power of sword attacks and allows Ki Strikes to be used when active. Attack power further increases when Chunbu Spirit Technique is learned.

Chunbu Martial Arts Technique (천부삼재권법, Cheonbusamjaegwonbeob) [Passive & Active]: Passively increases bare-handed attack power and speed and Ki Strikes can be used when active. Attack power further increases when Chunbu Spirit Technique is learned.

Chunbu Foot Technique (천부삼재보법, Cheonbusamjaebobeob) [Passive & Active]: Passively increases movement speed and the speed will increase further when either active or if the user has learned Chunbu Spirit Technique.

Chunbu Outer Ki Technique (천부삼재외공, Cheonbusamjaeoegong) [Passive]: Makes the body strong and increases the body's defense. Increases STR, DEX, VIT and the recovery rate of VIT and DEX.

Chunbu Divine Technique (천부혼원신공, Cheonbuhon-wonsingong): One of the Chunbumoon's strongest techniques which requires an extremely high INT to learn. Being the Clan Head of Chunbumoon, Sun-Oh would've learned this.

Illusion Barrier (허상결계, Heosang-gyeolgye): He has the ability to create illusion barriers like most ability users.