The Gamer
Hangul 더 게이머
Romaja Deo Geimeo
Author Sung Sang-Young
Illustrator Sang-Ah
Published by Naver (Friday)
Original run September 5, 2013 - Ongoing

The Gamer (더 게이머, Deo Geimeo) is a Friday Naver Webtoon written by Sung Sang-Young and illustrated by Sang-Ah since September 5th, 2013.


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Han Jee-Han, a normal high school student, suddenly develops a special power where his entire world is shifted into a game-like setting. He can see the power levels of people, look at the stats of a seemingly normal item, get abilities and even level up. Soon after, he discovers the Abyss, a world made for Ability users like him but he realizes his best friend since childhood, Shin Sun-Il, is a high-ranking Ability user that has been hiding his secret for years. Sun-Il introduces the Abyss to him and Jee-Han continues to find out new features of his ability as well as more of the hidden world.


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Year 2 Class 8Edit

Han Jee-Han
The protagonist of The Gamer and a recently developed Natural Ability user. Possessing the ability called The Gamer, he experiences life in a game like setting which was derived from his gaming addiction. His best friend since childhood is Shin Sun-Il and his mother is Han Jung-Sook.
Shin Sun-Il
Han Jee-Han's childhood friend and a member of Year 2 Class 8. Being an Acquired Ability user, he is also the heir of one of the ruling martial arts clans of the Abyss in Seoul called Chunbumoon. He is the deuteragonist of the series.
Kwon Shi-Yun
The tritagonist of The Gamer and a High School student Ability user who transferred into 2nd Year Class 8. She hails from the Yunhonmoon clan and uses the Soul Blaze Fist to fight.
Hwan Sung-Ah
A second year High School student and Ability user who recently transferred into Class 8. She is Hwan Sung-Gon's daughter and is affected by the innate curse, the Black Demon's Invasion. She is one of the main characters of the series.
Kim Yoo-Jin
the Class Representative of Year 2 Class 8. Her INT has been noted as absurdly high for a normal person at 54 and is among the best in the school in terms of grades.


Poong Sae-Young
A member of Chunbumoon and an Olympic Medalist in Women's Taekwondo. She is also the cousin of Shin Sun-Il and granddaughter of Shin Sun-Oh. She has the ability to control clouds and has the rank Phantom.
Shin Sun-Oh
The grandfather of Shin Sun-Il and Poong Sae-Young as well as the leader of Chunbumoon. He is a very old fashioned man with an unknown level.
Phantom Wind
A member of Chunbumoon that has reached the rank Phantom.
Phantom Rain
A member of Chunbumoon that has reached the rank Phantom.


Han Jung-Sook
The mother of Han Jee-Han. She was the first person to have an unknown level and class even after Jee-Han used Observe on her. Jung-Sook is a responsible mother and she often goes to the fitness centers although this may only be a front. Her level and class a mystery
Hwan Sung-Gon
A mysterious Natural Ability user who is currently collecting Soul Stones to save his daughter, Hwan Sung-Ah. He recently got instated as a replacement Chemistry teacher for Jee-Han's High School class, and he has connections to the Irregular Magician.


Ability User
People capable of superhuman feats living within the Abyss.
  • Natural Ability Users: Individuals randomly given psychic powers by Gaia such as psychokinesis, teleportation, pyrokinesis and many others. They possess the abilities from the moment they are born but it usually awakens later in life. The ability is usually determined by what is most special to the person or by what psychologically affects them the most. There aren't many Natural Ability users and most of them are strong although they can be differentiated into two types, Strong Starters who start off really powerful and Late Bloomers who can grow without limits. Natural Ability users can also train themselves which gives them Acquired Abilities as well as their original Natural Ability making them generally stronger than Acquired Ability users.
  • Acquired Ability Users: Those who acquired abilities through training. They are ability users in name alone and are just normal people who've gotten stronger through training to the level of super natural skill.
The world Ability users live in. Since Ability users can't affect the real world at large without major repercussions, and tend to feel out of place within normal society, they developed a secret society which came to be known in the East as the Abyss. The term became popular because of the fame of the black market auction/brokerage group known as Abyss Auction, that specializes in supernatural goods and services.
The will of the Earth which is often represented by God and is interacting with this planet. She is also the judge for the Interference Law.
Interference Law
If a supernatural power that goes against the laws of physics is used to largely affect the real world (ie an action ranging from mass devastation to as simple as unnaturally win the lottery), Gaia tries to eliminate that Ability user. The form of death will appear accidental, such as being struck by lightning on a clear day or getting run over by a truck.
(Note this law does not count things like earning money from defeating monsters, selling items dropped by monsters, or even by selling supernatural services. However, governments will wonder where you got the money from.)
Illusion Barrier
An artificial domed extra dimensional space where one can use psychic powers or magic without any limitations because it doesn't affect the real world. Ability users can freely make such a barrier whenever they want, and only people of the Abyss can enter it, or even be aware of its existence in the first place. The inventor of Illusion Barriers is Gaia itself. There are many types of Illusion Barriers such as the basic Empty, Monster infested (example: Zombie, Ghost, or Ogre), Time Freeze, Hyperbolic time, and many more; basically whatever the user can imagine and have sufficient skill to create.
Three Factions
The 3 parties controlling the territories of the Abyss of Seoul. They each have a mass of land under their control with a shared middle region recognized as a neutral zone. They are Chunbumoon, Yunhonmoon and the Existence Eaters
The energy circulating throughout the world, nature, and every living being. It is referred to as Mana (or mp in gaming lingo) in the West, and as Ki or Chakra in the East. In martial arts, ki is used through inner and outer ki techniques (inner for spirit and energy manipulation and outer for physical body enhancement) and the strength and bonuses it gives can be increased through hardcore training. There are different ki types and a detrimental effect will occur if one tries to learn two different types, due to it creating competing/clashing energy flows within the body.


The Gamer is based in Seoul, South Korea, where it focuses on the world of Ability users, the Abyss. The Abyss of Seoul is divided into four districts controlled by three factions, Chunbumoon, Yunhonmoon and the Existence Eaters with each of them controlling one area but the last is the neutral, central area. The most explored locations are the local High School, the Chunbumoon dojo and Jee-Han's house although the streets and parks of Seoul are the locations of frequent battles. Within the High School, all main characters are seated in the very left column of 2nd Year Class 8's room in the following order from front to back; Hwan Sung-Ah, Han Jee-Han, Shin Sun-Il and Kwon Shi-Yun. Although worlds other than Earth have been mentioned, everything that has occurred has taken place on the globe.

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